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Getting To The American Dream


Why Should I Work with a Realtor...?


  1. Receive objective information and opinions for properties
  2. Have the most current information/listing status for available properties..
  3. Have a negotiator working through the process according to your best interest
  4. A realtor handles real estate transactions for a living - a true expert in the field!  Have someone to help you maintain a equalized balance for both the emotional and financial facets of a home purchase.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Neighborhood


  1. Is it close to your employment? your favorite activities?
  2. Investigate details of the school district
  3. Check with local authorities for neighborhood safety
  4. Determine if the neighborhood is economically stable
  5. Research to see if a property in this area will be a lucrative long-term investment
  6. Make personal observations while visiting.


The Perennial Question - How Much House Can I Afford...?

Here's a handy-dandy affordability calculator to start you out!